LPN to RN challenge exam


Good morning Nurses!

I was wondering if anyone has taken the LPN to RN challenge exam? I will be taking it soon and am wondering what to expect.

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To which LPN-to-RN challenge exam are you referring? There are several types of these exams offered. Are you taking the one administered by HESI or the NLN?

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I am taking an exam to challenge nursing fundamentals so I am able to skip the first semester of the program. The school I am planning on attending is administering the exam and excelsior also offers it.


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Hi, I personally have not taken that exam before, but I have taken other nursing exams before and they can be challenging. There are a few things that I recommend. First, do research on that particular exam on the internet and see how it is formatted. Second, I would check out a book from the library called the Ncclex RN and Ncclex PN and see if you can answer those types of questions. Third, if you can get a copy of the LPN to RN challenge exam, please do so because that would help you tremendously on the test. Fourth, if you could access a copy of the CD of any nursing test or access a nursing test online, that would tremendously help you study for it. The fifth and final thing is to ask your friends if they have taken the test and see what they say about it and how did they study for it. Keep going over the questions and answers in your mind and you will do great. Just do a lot of research about the test and everything should be fine. Thank you and good luck on your test. Marcella 5/19/16