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LPN or RN? Central Jersey Need Input, Suggestions, Experiences

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Good afternoon all ! I was recently planning on applying for a local LPN program. Middlesex County Vocational or the Practical Nursing program at Union County College (if anyone has attended either one of these schools and can provide insight it would be greatly appreciated).

Well low and behold shortly after making this decision I was laid off from work so now I am considering whether or not to apply to the LPN program or to a RN program. Of course the major difference would be the time spent in school. I do have a child in college and a mortgage so completing school quickly would be ideal but no matter what I decide I will do my best to make it work. This is a complete career change for me so I don't have all the answers. Here are my questions, all input and suggestions are needed and welcomed especially if you are from the area!! Thanks All

Did you complete LPN or RN program?

Where did you attend school?

Advantages/disadvantages of each?

Anyone have trouble finding a job as an LPN or RN? (there are about 6 hospitals all within 20 miles here)

If I complete an LPN program I would like to bridge over to an RN in the future, has anyone done this? Issues, problems, highlights?

Based off of YOUR experience do you suggest going to school for LPN or RN first?

And anything else you can think to add to this thread, thanks again!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.