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LPN to RN Bridge Programs

MariRamz MariRamz (New) New

I'm starting LPN school at GTCC in the fall. It's a three semester program and ends in the summer. I want to go for my RN right after I get my LPN, but the program at GTCC starts in the summer. I don't want to have to wait several months before I can apply. I've looked at other community colleges in the North Carolina area and there bridge programs also either start in the spring or the summer. Does anyone know of any bridge program that starts in the fall? Specifically in North Carolina. I did get accepted to the ADN program at RCC, but I've rejected my seat. Now I'm regretting that decision, I feel like I should've went straight for my RN. I'll have completed my first year of college in May and I'm working toward getting my BSN by my fourth year. I feel like now I will be behind with the track that I've decided to follow. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi! Most, if not all bridge programs start in the summer. Davidson CC starts in fall but requires you to work a year. I've looked at basically every single college in the state. Don't have any regrets, become an LPN get your feet wet for a few months and get into a bridge program. The time will fly!