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LPN- RN Bridge program at CSN

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HI everyone,

Anyone here have done or know someone in the LPN- RN bridge program at CSN? I'm interested in applying, but i dont know how bad or good my chances are. I'm no where near close to applying yet ( i still need to take pre reqs), but i just want to make sure im on the right track.

i went to CSN for the health programs orientation last week, but bec im already an LPN and im intersted in the LPN-RN they told me that i wasnt required to attend the orientation. ( confused!! :uhoh3:...bec its a limited entry program and supposedly if your interested in a limited entry program you HAVE to attend a health prog orientation) Anyways...... They gave me a packet with the info for the adv placement for LPN's and told me to send my transcripts to CSN and that was that.......

Im planning on setting up a meeting with a health counselor, but im going to wait until my transcripts arrive at CSN..... meanwhile i have no answers..... Max # of students admitted= space availability. ( what does that mean??? 1? 2? 0?) what semester do AP LPN's enter the RN program? or do they have a seperate group for "AP LPN's?"

Anyone with any input please chip in

I don't know many specifics, but I know LPNs start in the second semester. they reserve, I believe, like 16 spots for you guys. Sorry I'm not much help!


Specializes in LTC Psych, OB/GYN Clinic,Peds. Has 3 years experience.

thx. Sunshinedaisy for your response. It kind of gives me an idea of what to expect for CSN for now.

I've been looking for posts with any LPN-RN bridge info, but i haven't seen any posts so far.

I'm just really going to have to wait until i talk to a counselor, but i might as well wait for my transcripts so that they can address ALL my questions.

Thx again :)


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