LPN to RN bridge should I?

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I started college in January of 2009. I took classes part time to get the prerequisites out of the way. I went through first and second semester and failed out because they "lost my paperwork", but anyway. I switched schools to a different curriculum and went back to first semester. I did first, second and third semester and failed out by three points. I took the LPN six week exit and am currently waiting to take boards. Everyone is pressuring me to go get my RN. I am 31, married and have a five year old. I feel I am tired of school and am happy with my LPN. Thoughts?


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I am a cna and would love to be a LPN going to school for it in the summer. I say if your happy being a nurse and that is what a LPN is a nurse then stay put. However if your not happy and can manage the family job and RN school and its your dream go for it dont let nothing stand your waY

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