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LPN to RN Bridge GTCC 2017


Anyone applied to the LPN to RN program at GTCC? I officially submitted my application yesterday and am a nervous wreck about getting in. Can anyone relate?

I applied as well, let the waiting game begin! Do you know anyone that has been through the program before? I've been trying to find out some information on how the program works in comparison to Forsyth Tech's.

I don't know anyone; Ive been trying to get information as well. So you applied to Forsyth too? What were your ranking points for both programs?

My points for GTCC are 44 so I feel like I'm on the line and could go either way. They told me last year that the least amount of points they took was 36 and the greatest was 61. I go next week for my MAR review at FTCC so not sure how many points on that just yet. How about you?

Yeah I was told the same thing at GTCC, unfortunately for me with the new criteria I only have 36 points at GTCC so I am relying on a miracle. I have 158 points at Forsyth. The stress is real 😳

Miracles happen, I think you might be better off than you think however! I'll keep you posted if I find out any information

Hey ✌I submitted my packet today as well. That throw up feeling enters my stomach when I think about it. Sooo I'm gonna try and forget about it until I get an envelope. Good luck.

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It's a horrible feeling! Hopefully it will be worth it. Good luck to you as well!!

I know exactly how you feel. Hopefully we will all get in. Are you guys both working as an LPN right now?

Yes I am an LPN. Ready to get out of the "generic nurse" role as they say.

Yes, I'm working at Arbor Acres in Winston Salem. How about you?

I'm working full time at a physcians office and EOW at a long term care facility. I can't wait to work at the hospital...I want to be an ICU nurse and ultimately work as a travel RN.

Which long term care facility do you work EOW? And travel nursing def seems very interesting!

That place is gorgeous í ½í¸

I know it's only been a week but I'm already stalking my mailbox LOL