LPN-RN anywhere in USA?


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I love this forum and always find a lot of useful information here.

Hope somebody can help me with my question.

I'm a new LPN and now I'm interested to continue the education to obtain my RN degree.

The situation with the nursing schools is very tough here ( CO) so I decided to move to other state to get my degree.

Does anybody know about LPN-RN programs at any private colleges ( so, I do not have to pay out of state tuition) anywhere in the United State,cost no more than $15.000 with minimum or no prerequisites?

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There is Baker College in Michigan. I'm not sure what they accept for LPN credits and what they want for pre reqs. Tuition is $10,000 /yr.

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There's Platt College. They are a private school with 2 campuses that offer the LPN-to-RN bridge program (Tulsa and Oklahoma City). There's no prerequisites or waiting lists, but the tuition is $21,000 for their 12 month program. Platt College is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, and out-of-state LPNs regularly move to that state for 1 year to complete the program.

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