LPN Relocating to East Bay Area Ca - Any Advice


Hi Everyone,

I am an LPN with 6 months sub acute experience planning to relocate to the East Bay area of Ca to be with my family while I pursue my RN degree. Any advice on the job market and school options there for RN - ADN and BSN programs - salary info etc. I am IV, PICC line & Phlebotomy certified. Thanks so much for any and all replies. :) Happy2bLPN

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I'd hate to sound like a Debbie Downer, but the Bay Area is one of the worst job markets in the entire country for nurses. I would do my very best to secure employment there before you relocate, because months (or years) might elapse before you find a job.


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I agree. I did my BSN-RN in east bay, and even though I had all my clinicals in that area, I can't find a job there. You really need a connection, someone who can get you in.

Since you are an LVN with experience, I suggest applying to sub-acute hospitals/ nursing facilities to get your IN when you are done with your RN. Kindred in San Leandro and Livermore hire LVNs and RNs- apply online and then go there in person to turn in your resume. But like The Commuter said, it is a hard market, so make a trip up here before you make the permanent move. And whatever the school says about working and going to school, don't listen to them it can be discouraging to even attempt it, b/c reality is lots of ppl work and go to nursing school. when it comes down to it you can do it, that fact that you are outreaching to all nurses.com and asking about it before you do it shows you are already thinking ahead and out of the box.

As for schools.

Unitek in Fremont and SF has an LVN-RN program

Holy Names University in Oakland has a LVN to BSN-RN program

NCP has been talking about having an LVN-RN program but currently I do not know their status.

I suggest just try and go for the BSN route if possible, with the Bay Area's job market a BSN will help you stand out vs an ADN- the sad truth =/

If you have a bachelor's, you can try an ELM program or an ABSN program



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Thanks to everyone for your advice. I am planning a trip out in mid May - thanks again :)