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LPN Refresher Completed Waiting to Take NCLEX


Hi All:

In 1994 I graduated as an LPN in Michigan, worked for some years there, moved to Missouri, obtained an IV certification there and worked for some years there. Got married and stopped working as an LPN so I could take care of my husband who passed away from Merkle Cell CA. Moved to CT and worked as a data enterer for six years. Laid off last year and decided it was time to go back to being an LPN.

Finished school and clinicals and have to take the NCLEX again now. I am scared stiff!!! :eek: Years ago our class was the first to take the NCLEX via computer and I passed it but am still scared now.... Any advice? My preceptor for my clinicals said I had very good skills but I needed to quit double-checking myself so much.:uhoh3:

Any tips, thoughts, and/or advice gratefully received.