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LPN Questions???

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Exactly what is a LPN's job role and where might I find employment after I get out of LPN school?

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Hey cgr27 99,

A LPN's role in a hospital involves things like giving meds, patient care, dressing changes, starting IV's, hanging IV med, assisting pt to ambulate, passing out meal trays (you may or may not have CNA's to help), turning pt's, charting on pt's, assist physician with procedures within your scope of practice and possibly sitting with patients who are unaware of their surroundings and try to pull out their IV's and crawl over the bed rails to get out of bed. I'm sure there are many more duties, but that is all I can think of right now.

If you are an LPN in a physicians office you will have different duties: pull pt charts for appointments scheduled that day, VS on pt's, give meds if needed, maybe some lab work, chart on pt's, assist physician with procedures in your scope of practice, call backs to pt's requesting refills on Rx meds. etc...

LTC may involve: meds to pt's, wound care/dressing changes, pt care, assist with feeding pt's, etc..

Those are only 3 areas of LPN nursing. What area are you interested in?

Other areas of health care for LPN's includes, school nursing, correctional nursing, home health, and private duty nursing.

Hope this info helped.

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here is information about lpns for you:

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