LPN programs in Atlanta with no waiting list

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Are there any LPN programs in Atlanta without a waiting list? I'm a 20 year old single mother to a 2 month old baby and I need to start my career ASAP.

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Honestly- probably not. Just get together applications for every one in your area (make sure they have RN bridge programs as well) and apply, apply apply! If you get denied make sure you know when their classes start back up (like at my school it was every 3 months) and apply for the next round of classes. I'm sure if you have 5+ schools you do that with every quarter you'll get in with in a year... probably with in the first 6 months. Good luck!

Cathy Foley, LPN :nurse:

edit: Oh and a lot of schools have entrance exams.... so really study for those and try to get the highest score, retake the test till you get the best score if you have to. The RN bridge program for me is going to be tough... I need to get a high score on the entrance exam to get back in and plan on taking it till my score is in the range of people picked first for RN spots.

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