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LPN program

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Hi everyone, 

       I recently have been thinking applying to a LPN program, instead of a BSN program. I’m 27 years old and have a Bachelors degree. I was looking at some accelerated nursing programs, but it is way too expensive. I already have school loans and don’t want to accumulate even more. The only reason why I’m interested in applying to an LPN is because I want to start earning good money ASAP. I’m planning to apply this month to begin the program In September 2020. After finishing LPN school I want to apply to a bridge program (LPN to BSN or LPN to ADN)

Question 1) Should I take my prerequisites classes now (in the spring semester) for the bridge program? (A&P2 & Microbiology)

Question 2) Should I wait and take the prerequisite classes after I finish LPN school? 

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