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Is there anyone at Boces that know about the LPN program? What area near Buffalo has a boces school that offers LPN classes? Would you recommend it? How many credits are each class? Do they accept transfer credits like Anatomy? How is the entrance exam like? I've researched boces but I can't find the curriculum on the classes you need to take. The website seems unorganized. Even if your not in boces and you know something about it, feel free to share your input. Thanks!

I will starting at Boces in April the entrance exam was fairly easy reading comprehension, critical thinking etc...along with basic arithmetic long division, multiplication, addition, subtraction etc. I think people get tied up in the time limit and having no calculation. Transferring credits I doubt they do... Good luck to you

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What's the deadline to apply for fall? The website is difficult to use. Do you mind updating me as you do this program? Also, what location is your program?

I'm at Erie 1 Boces on potters for PN1 then walden for PN2 I think you can apply anytime but the sooner the better...I took my entrance exam at the end of January and got accepted for April evening class the website is unorganized but I just called and inquired

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Yeah, the website is unorganized....what classes are you taking? I heard they don't accept transfer credits. I hope they're not making you take antaomy with those nursing classes. Also, how many credits are those classes your taking?

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