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My lpn program pre-entrance interview is in 2 weeks. I understand that it is not a guarantee of acceptance. I am wondering about the whole interview process. What should I expect? What kind of questions do they ask besides why do I want to become a nurse. I am currently a CNA. Will this help me in any way? Should I dress up like if I was going to a job interview? How long does the interview last? Do they let u know right away if u got accepted or they will send u a letter?


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i remember my interview just a little...yes dress professional. being a cna will most definitely help! when i had mine it was three people interviewing me at the same time! it was nerve wrecking! i was nervous but its normal to be nervous. i think they just want to make sure you have the potential and drive to get through the program and become a nurse. i wish i could remember what they asked me....i think one question was something like, tell me about a difficult situation you have been in and how did you handle it/how did you react? make sure they know you want this and that you can really get through the program.....good luck! let us know how it went! im sure you will do great!

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