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LPN moving to California and job market



I have a question about the LVN job market in So.Cal. My husband and I are going to school next year for LPN and plan on working here in Cleveland, Ohio for at least 1 year. He is currently an STNA (nursing assistant) and I plan on becoming an STNA in a couple months. I am originally from California, Covina to be specific (LA county). I miss home and want to move back in about 3 years and my husband misses Cali too. But we are afraid it will be tough to find work. Most job postings I have seen say "1 year experience", which is fine because we want to get at least 1 year experience here in cleveland. However, how difficult is the job market in so.Cal for lvns? Any advice?

Thanks :-)

I don't think the job market is that bad in the San Gabriel valley area. I got my lvn last summer and I got job offers from a few nursing homes on the spot. Then I was hired at a hospital after 3 months. I think it just depends on how badly you want it.

Thanks for the reply. Congrats on finding work quickly and landing a hospital job!

I was kind of hoping my husband would find something quickly in California. There is a small number of lpn/lvns that are men so hopefully that would work in his favor since there is a small supply of them.

That may help him, but I'm not sure. You should also look into homehealth.

It's not so much a job market issue here (so long as you're not dead set on an acute care position and you're not out in the boonies), the bigger issue is likely to be getting your licensure by endorsement from the BVNPT. Count on it taking a few months. No joke, I graduated in December from a CC VN program here in Southern California, and it took until March just to get approval to take the NCLEX-PN. Took that on March 31st (passed with 85 questions) and I'm still trying to get my blasted license! Best read up on licensure by endorsement for LPNs, and allow for plenty of time before you make your move.

----- Dave