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LPN or Medical Assisting


I live in Lynn,MA and I havent worked since 1991. I got a inner ear infection and developed vertigo and I finally was getting back on my feet in the year of 2000 and then my mother developed asthma and COPD. I stayed home taking care of my mother until August 2010 when she passed away. I am now 49 years old and I want to get into the medical field. I liked the medical part of taking care of my mother. Medical assistant will take 6 months and Lpn will take 10 months through MPI in Malden. If I take LPN I will be 50 years old and I am afraid no one will hire me.

Which way should I go medical assistant or LPN?

DEFINATELY go LPN. LPN's are much better trained than Medical Assistants and, therefore, the pay is MUCH higher. As an LPN there is more flexibility with job opportunities (day/afternoon/night/weekend shifts). Medical Assistants generally work "office hours". It is Definately worth the extra couple of months of training. As an LPN you'll always have the opportunity to advance your career in the future if you choose to. If you ever decide to go back to school to be a Registered Nurse you'll already have the LPN license under your belt and can do a bridge program to RN licensure.

Also, North Shore Community College as well as Bunker Hill both offer LPN programs. MPI is rather expensive.

I wouldn't worry too much about age. When I graduated nursing school, we had students much older than 50 that graduated with us. Its never too late for a career change!