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LpN in MA while taking RN in NY

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I am starting my RN classes in Aug 2010. NY just outlawed being able to take your LPN boards while you are studying for your RN degree. My question is while living in NY can I take my LPN boards in MA and work there? And if so after which semester?? Jenn

You will probably have to call the BON in MA to find out if they will allow it. Your biggest problem will be the school sending info to the MA state board after the required number of semesters.

I found something:

I did not complete my Registered Nurse education program. Can I obtain Practical Nurse licensure by reciprocity or take the Practical Nurse licensure exam?

A Practical Nurse seeking reciprocity or an applicant for licensure by exam who has not completed a Registered Nurse program in any state, the District of Columbia, or U.S. Territory must meet the following academic requirements for Practical Nurse licensure in Massachusetts:

be officially withdrawn in good standing from a Registered Nurse program, having successfully completed (i.e. received a passing grade in both the classroom and clinical component of a nursing course) the minimum number of clock hours and nursing content required for graduation from a Massachusetts Board-approved Practical Nurse program to be eligible for Practical Nurse licensure (students currently enrolled in a Registered Nurse program would need meet the statutory criteria and therefore are not eligible for Practical Nurse licensure by examination).

Eligible individuals may download the necessary form to request determination of eligibility for Practical Nurse reciprocity or to write the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).



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