Wound care confusion!! Help

  1. My instructors completely have me boggled on dressings. Are irrigations supposed to be done using sterile technique? One instructor says no, so long as you don't contaminate tip of irrigation syringe or the solution. Other teacher says yes, use sterile technique. Also, when using a 50/50 mix of 2the different solutions, how can I measure/mix these using sterile technique? When the teacher was asked she said "Figure out a solution to this." Another student thought using sterile specimen containers would be adequate. Finally, when packing a wound, does the material you are packing with hsve to be wet? Or can you do a dry dressing that is packed? One student got "dry dressing. Irrigate with ns. Pack with 4x4." So since its a dry sressing one wouldnt wet the 4x4 in solution correct?
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  3. by   kansasredneckwomen
    It is my understanding that the technique used is specified by the Md order. If he/she says do it sterile than do. However, home health nurses cannot exactly use sterile technique but this is okay because they are used to the pathogens in their home. Most of the dressing changes we've seen/done in the hospital were clean technique. A dry dressing is kept dry. I am confused about "packing" the wound. We were told that is not done so much anymore unless using a woundvac. I hoped I helped you out at least a little! Good luck!
  4. by   spoild2588
    For my school, we used a clean technique and the packing had to be applied moist but not soaking wet.