Who attending Rockland Boces LPN program 2010?

  1. Greetings Friends- I just wanted to know who my classmates at Rockland Boces will be in Sept 2010. I am very excited to start the program and I would like to make a few friends before we start.
    Btw I am Greg and I will be attending the Full-time day program.

    It would also be nice to hear from any current or past students with info about the program

    Thanks Guys!
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  3. by   Stephanieee
    Meeeeeee, but you already knew that.

    I got my books in the mail today.
  4. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Oh cool! I just received mine yesterday. I thought I would have been the only one without the books...lol.
    Omg... That Basic Nursing book is huge!
    Are you going to go to that "pre-class" that they are offering?
  5. by   Stephanieee
    yeah the basic book is ridiculous, but I'm glad we only have 2 real text books.

    I'm not going to take the class in August, I haven't taken a break from school and I think the class is just about like study habits and things like that so I don't really need it. Are you?
  6. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Same here, I feel like the spring semester just ended yestesterday so I certainly will not be needing help getting back in the study mode...lol
  7. by   Stephanieee
    Were you at orientation? I wonder how many of those people were also full time..
  8. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Yea I was there... I was one of the few that ran in a little late. I got lost...still learning Rockland County lol. When I walked in i was like whoa!!!! Totally wasn't expecting that many people!
  9. by   Stephanieee
    Yeah there were alot more people than I had expected, when I walked in they were doing 2 lines to hand in paperwork... one if you were full time, and one if you were part time. It seemed like there were alot of part time people but after a couple of minutes the lines just merged together and people were going to whichever one so I couldn't really tell. How long is your commute?
  10. by   ArmstrongLPN
    Well im coming from Yonkers... close to the Scarsdale area I normally can get to the Tappan Zee in about 20 minutes and about 35 minutes total if theres no traffic on the bridge. But I am hoping I can continue to drive because I was borrowing my moms car. Im saving like a mad man for a car because If I take the bus that would make my commute way over 2 hours. and your commute?
  11. by   Stephanieee
    My commute is probably 20 minutes depending on the traffic on the Palisades Parkway, I'll be driving it during rush hour in the morning when school starts so maybe a half hour, who knows lol I have family all over Yonkers, thats where everyone in my family is from.
  12. by   ArmstrongLPN
    I totally forgot the pages she said we should look over before class starts... was it the anatomy and physiology section?
  13. by   Stephanieee
    uhhh I forgot she even said to read, but now that you bring it up... yeah I think it was the A&P section. Have you taken A&P in school yet?
  14. by   lialix
    how was the course? where did you get the scrubs for the program and do you have any advice?