the "delegation" questions

  1. ok,,so i took my HESi test (exit test at school) last week...with confidence and knowing that i will pass,,,,out of 160 questions,,,finally i finished! asked my teacher if i passed,,*feeling so xcited* ,,then she said ..."oh ur close of passing! i got 834 ...supposed to get 850 ....(dunno wat those no. mean)
    I wanted to cry!!!! in front of the screen!!! =(...i got so frustrated and i dunno wat to study anymore,,,,i read saunders,mosby,lipncot,,,did practice questions....but still failed...i noticed that theres too many delagation questions which we didnt cover in class at all!!! (isnt tht something?)also some questions bout UAP type of jobs.....i dont even work in a nursing home or hospital ,,,so how am i supposed to know? hello? r dey crazy???? arggghhhh***saunders didnt give any priority questions that much....or uap only focused on diseases which i didnt see that much in that gonna take the test again nxt week,,,and i dont know wat to expect nymore...any suggestions? i need encouragement.. ...i was juz thinking how am i gonna pass the real nclex pn while i cant even pass the HESI......hELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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