Tarrant County College VN program Fall 2017

  1. Hello everyone!

    I went to the info meeting yesterday for the new VN program and thought I would get one of these blogs started up. I'm sure we all have lots of questions!
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  3. by   Cbatiste
    Yes I have tons! I was just on their website and saw that Bio 2401 is the only pre req needed. I can take it during the summer but I was going to go to a info session for spring on May 24th at 5 pm . Is there any chance they informed you guys about the deadline for spring 2018 ? Or do they have a one time only application deadline and the LVN program only starts in Fall?
  4. by   cdavis52910
    Hello Cbatiste!

    Unfortunately, the LVN program begins only once a year. You would have to have A&P 1 and the HESI completed before applications are due on May 31, 2017. Since you aren't quite ready yet you will have to wait until this time next year to apply for fall 2018.
  5. by   future-np
    Hello Cdavis!
    I just turned in my application for the LVN program yesterday. I was unable to make the info sessions due to work. Did they mention anything important that's not already posted online?
  6. by   cdavis52910

    They showed a power point with most of the same information that is online. They did talk a little more about the credit by exam for CNAs, CMAs, and PCTs. Then they talked some about clinicals. It was mostly people asking questions.

    If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats?
  7. by   future-np
    For the minimum requirements I have a B in AP I and made an 86 overall on my Hesi. I'm nervous about getting in due to them only taking 35 ppl.
  8. by   cdavis52910
    That's good! I have a B in A&P 1 as well and a 93 overall on the HESI. I think what has me nervous is that this is a brand new program so we don't have any clue as to what the "competition" is going to be like.
  9. by   future-np
    Yes exactly! I'm so nervous. I seen that the minimum GPA was a 2.0. Is that for our overall GPA or is that based only on if you have AP and your Psych already completed? I've already completed my general Psych and made an A. I wish we had more to go off of.
  10. by   cdavis52910
    Did you have to stay and talk to someone when you dropped off your application? I came to drop mine off and the lady said to take a seat and someone will be with me shortly. ??
  11. by   cdavis52910
    I believe the 2.0 is for the over all GPA.
  12. by   future-np
    Yes he went over everything with me to make sure I had all the correct things.
  13. by   cdavis52910
    He told me we will hear back from them mid June...
  14. by   cdavis52910
    Okay, so today is the last day to turn in applications, then the real waiting begins!