taking my big test Monday!!!!

  1. I will be taking the psb-apne test Monday. I am extremely nervous. Our program takes the top 30 scores/gpa and there are 33 registered to take the test. I am praying every second that he guides me through it. ***** fingers crossed*****
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  3. by   vintagemother
    Prayer works!! You can do it!! Believe!
  4. by   MidwestBetty
    How did you do on your test ?
  5. by   ndavis1672
    It was a lot harder than I expected, I had been studying for it so I hope it payed off. At this point I don't feel as I did as good as I wanted to. I'm a straight A student, but that test wasn't as simple as a lot of people had sais. I get my results next week. I'll update when I have them.
  6. by   ndavis1672
    I got my test results 4 days early thank God, I was going crazy. The test was pretty hard but my studying payed off.............. I GOT IN!!!
  7. by   Re'nee
    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me how hard the math and science was maybe an example of each. I've taken all my pre-reqs and i'm scared to death to even attempt this test. Anything you could help me with would be deeply appreciated!
  8. by   ndavis1672
    The science was general science, I promise once you read it you'll think to yourself I learned this stuff years ago. The math it simple math but worded to try and trick you. Just read it well and then ask yourself, what do they want to know. The only math question I can actually remember is if Jimmy mows 3 lawns and his grandmothers he makes 10.50. He charges his grandmother half of what he charges everyone else, what does he make per yard. The answer would be $3. 3x3 is $9 plus half that he charges his grandmother $1.50. Added all together is 10.50.

    Be sure to review your simple fractions and decimals and converting between the 2.