Suggestion for Nursing Students

  1. A suggestion for nursing students: The Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Reference! I wish I had this while I was in school. I have it delivered to my home, now. It is a condensed digest of the most contemporary and common drugs that are prescribed. It lists the indications, side effects, contraindications, etc, all in the drug catagories. It is extremely light to carry (is paperback and is literally the size of the Reader's Digest), and is delivered quarterly. I usually give my previous ones away to other nurses after scratching out my name and address. The index in the back has the medications listed in alphabetical order, even has small articles on what drugs are coming out in the near future. Has charts of hypertension and diabetes management medications.

    I always hated carrying the drug guides because it was just an extra load, and of course, bringing it to clinicals were burdensome since I was always worried about some one else stealing it if I did not have it on my person. Don't let the title Nurse Practitioner fool you...while it is a guide for her, it is a summary of what you need for yourself. It can be placed in your smocks along with the other tools you are required to carry, and can certainly be used as a quick reference before giving meds to your patients. It even has the normal dosages to be given to children, adults, and if the med is compatable with pregnancy/breastfeeding. I work in a clinic, so, I have a computer at my desk to look up meds, but believe me, I always keep my Prescribing Reference in my drawer, and every nurse I know has come to me to borrow it for a few minutes.

    In any event, best of luck this year, everyone!

    Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference | Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference Magazine
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