Should I transfer School?Pls help!

  1. Hi I recently post about me moving to Canada,but I guess it's gonna take a while now probably after I finish my school.Do you think I should transfer right now I am currently going at a Private school here in Cali.currently taking surgical tech but the tuition is about 26k which is very high.Then 2 days ago I found a school near my house about 8k cheaper than my school?Do you guys think I should transfer overthere?

    My tuition is very high, now that I found a closer and more cheaper school I think I should go there.How much do you guys think I will be penalized for school.I've only been to the school for 2 weeks.and im planning to transfer to a cheaper school.How much Penalty someone said its 7k but I dont think so especially when I've only started.

    My mom wants me to become an LVN im giving it a thought, but surgical tech I believe has more opportunities in the hospital.

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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Call your school and find out what the penalty is. Visit the new school and make sure you weigh the pros/cons. No one can really make the decision for you, but we can encourage you to follow your heart and chose what is best for you now.

    Good luck
  4. by   merdarah
    Yeps, It is also CAAHEP accredited so I wouldn't have a problem transferring they are the same curriculum which is very good.