Schools in Nahua Nh area for LPN?

  1. Could anyone give me any information about any LPN schools in the area of Nashua NH? I just recetly signed up for an LNA course. I know that I want to go on to become and LPN however, I would like to get a feel for the exact work enviornment that I will be in. I also, feel like this will give me some insight and experience.

    I would like some info about an LPN student or recent Graduate who has gone to a school in this area! How long is the Course? How much does it cost? How hard are the courses?

    Thank you for your time and Info!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Please visit the New Hampshire Nurses forum for more information. I have included the direct link below for your convenience. If you post the exact same question over on that forum, you are more likely to find the answer that you were seeking. I wish you the best of luck with your query!
  4. by   ladydart
    The best school I found was Holden Health in Nashua, NH...They have a pass rate for the boards of 100%...and I'm an alumni!! EXCELLENT school, but tough!! I loved every minute. They have evening, day and part-time programs, and all for LPNs only.