school start in 3 weeks

  1. I have the new student jitters. Everything is paid for, i'm medically cleared, i've been fitted for my uniforms, and I have my book list . i'm super excited and super scared.
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  3. by   nanillest
    Good luck. There's a lot of information all at once
  4. by   aprilc08cna2lpn
    thank you!!!
  5. by   luvgshepherds88
    I'm a little nervous too, I start in August! Good luck to you, I'm sure we will do fine
  6. by   aprilc08cna2lpn
    thank you, same to you. yes were going to rock!!
  7. by   AliceB
    Same here!! I cant wait yet the closer the first day gets the more nervous i get! It's going to be a wild ride but worth it! I just have to come to terms with the fact that my house will not stay clean with me in school, and 3 kids from 12- 2.5 being kids! Let it go...let it go....
  8. by   aprilc08cna2lpn
    It'll be ok hopefully your program isn't very long. I got a planner, and I actually schedule days to clean because I have a toddler lol
  9. by   swilliams59
    You will do fine. I'm a mom of 3 and I'm finished with my first semester and I can say it was very fast paced but with a good routine, positive mind and good attendance you will make it. Good luck.
  10. by   aprilc08cna2lpn
    Thank you ❤