Private School vs Junior College/CC

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working as a Obstetrical Technician (similar to Surgical tech but towards abdominal surgeries specifically for labor and delivery) and am encouraged by fellow nurses to go for RN. However, I am on time constraint and would like to go through the shorter route which is taking LVN program then go for the LVN-RN bridge program either in Chabot in Hayward, or Merritt in Oakland.

    I am currently taking pre req's in Anatomy and Physiology, Sociology. Not satisfied with my Psychology because of the teacher and have not yet started with English and Math.

    I'd like to start taking the program for the LVN this year 2007 but don't know which route should i take; private school or junior college/community college. I've looked into merritt college here in Oakland (where I currently take my A&P) but their application deadline will end this month October and requires for me to finish A&P (which is a total of 6 credits, two semesters total) and I've looked into CCSF and it is by lottery, which their deadline is November but requires 3 credits of A&P only one semester. What's the difference?? 6 credits over 3 credits. I'm very frustrated because both JC required only the A&P plus the english and math. And now I'm considering in taking the program in a private setting but it does costs $$$$. I've looked into gurnic academy and they will start on november...

    please help me decide which route should i go for?!?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Most private schools have two disadvantages: they are very expensive, and most of them offer poor quality instruction. Their one advantage: convenience. I know you are anxious to start, but I would have to advise you to wait for one of the community colleges, or take some more classes and go for the BSN or ELMSN programs that are in your area. Make certain that whatever programs you do decide to apply to, that you have researched thoroughly so that you know what you are getting into. Good luck.