Preceptorship Preparation

  1. Hello everyone....I've made the long journey and if I pass my Neurology final next Friday I start preceptorship beginning July 2nd. (fingers crossed) My question is what do I need to prepare myself? When we where at clinicals, I noticed some nurses had nursing bags or organizers filled with supplies. I am going to be preceptoring in L&D ward, (my dream to become a midwife). I already bought a 'Nursing Organizing Belt' & "OB/GYN & Peds Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide", I have a good stethoscrope already, a pad & pens, whatelse would you recommend. I will be wearing hospital scrubs which don't have many pockets, which is why I bought the pouch in the first place....

    Can someone help me make my first list.....

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