Northern Career Institute / NCI Willoughby Eastlake LPN program

  1. Hello,
    I will be relocating from Michigan and starting my LPN program at NCI Willoughby Eastlake (OHIO) in August of 2017.... just wondering if anyone else is starting there also

    Also please feel free to leave comments if you have previously attended this school.

    The cost is around $12k and program length is 9months.
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  3. by   bprince6
    Hi Kayla I'll be attending Northern Career Institute this fall as well. I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and I'm super excited to start my LPN career. I don't know much about the school personally but from reading reviews and by word of mouth I know that it is a really good accredited school that is inexpensive and allows you to get to your goal quickly. Look forward to seeing you this fall!
  4. by   NurseMarcus

    I was wondering, how did you do in the program?