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  1. Hello everyone !!

    I started an LPN program in April of 2017, and I am concerned that we haven't done clinicals! The only time we did went to a site was for orientation and to meet our assigned patient So this week we were supposed to continue and the site told our professor we can't come because they had some type of inspection, so my question is considering that I graduate in May of 2018, is there going to any problems with me passing my nclex if we don't do any clinicals ??
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  3. by   OveRNineThousand
    Hi I searched online but I can't seem to get a definitive answer. Clinical hours for Lpn schools seem to vary from 300 hours to 1000.

    I wouldn't think that low hours should affect your Nclex-pn scores very much. The tests are generally all from the books. Definitely ask the instructors though, or the school director if they are satisfying the state board requirements for licensure. I don't know what state you're in, but your state board of practical nurses should also have a website that describes the requirements, including number of clinical hours.

    Generally if these aren't met they will not allow you to sit for the boards.

    oh! Also I just re-read your post and I see they were starting clinicals but the site is asking them not to come during inspection. This happens a lot. In general the school will supply alternate clinical "type" activities, like watching videos or something, until the inspection is done... Usually one week. That's ok too.
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    Hello - The problem with the school is that is a private school and is family owed. so they have switch things a lot without noticed but later on get notified about the change. And we are first group in that school to do the lpn program so I'm not if that's the reason they are not organized? So my next question to you will be, is that if the board of nursing verify with the clinical site if we did do the our rotations at their facility? Also I'm in the state of Florida