new CNA going into LPN program next year

  1. ok, any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated..

    I got a job two weeks ago p/t nights which I wanted (8hr shifts) working for a nursing home which is part of 1199 union. My plan is to get into the LPN program nights (17 month program)beginning Sept 2011..great news the union pays for the program after a year which ends up being great..only thing is I have to remain working 3 night shifts a week (at least 21 hrs a week) for them cotinue to reimburse.

    Now, I just got called for a second interview at a hospital around the corner from me- no union, no LPN reimbursement at all(vacation,sick days,pension though)..its part time two 12hr shifts a week. It seems to be like night and day between the two facilities, morale is low at nursing home and work enviroment is very outdated (manual beds, punch clock, no computers, etc) but still managable for me.

    Is it feasible to go to LPN school m-thur 6:30-10pm and also work 3 nights shifts (8hrs) during the week?? I hear the program is very intense with alot of homework to cover.

    I have two toddlers at home and my husband works during the week only until around 6pm or so..

    not taking out a student loan would be awesome but at the same time not sure if that sacrifice would be worth it?
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  3. by   FlawlessT
    WOW!! You have a lot to consider! First YES it can be done w/ dedication & organization. As far as working @ a hospital vs nursing home: I feel that @ the hospital you will learn and see more, but does the hospital utilize LPN's there? It would be a waste to start working there and take out a student loan if there is no job waiting for you. I personally like the 2 12hrs shifts, thats what I work, because it gives you 5 days to focus on school and family etc... just my opinion though! You have some decisions to make, I would sit down and write the pro's & con's of working @ both & just go from there!
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   Roxyann57
    IMO you need to really think about the amount of homework and studying you will have. I saw a lot of CNAs fail out because they thought they knew everything because of where they worked. I work part time (20-28 hrs) a week and go to school m-f 730-230. it's a lot. and I have come close to calling a quits. You have to be extremely dedicated and be able to work out a schedule with who will take care of the children when you need to study. good luck. i would stay in the nursing home and have them pay for your schooling.
  5. by   monters
    Thank you both for your feedback. The more I think about things, staying at the LTC facilty is my best bet as tuition reimbursement is my goal, and so is LPN school.

    thanks for listening to my vent, appreciate it!