need some studying strategies

  1. hi all!
    So, i just received my theory test back and FAILED! In order to pass i needed at least a 73%. We have 4 tests and a final this semester and we need to pass the course with at least a C. I am feeling so overwhelmed considering the grade of my first test wasn't the best either (75%). My question is, how do you guys study? I have been reading the outlines that my instructors give us for each competency. Any help would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   Lb321
    I'm not in nursing school yet. But when I had trouble in a subject I would make flash cards. I know done nursing students who do this now actually.
  4. by   NURSE2BTD
    Yeah I learn better with flash cards! It doesn't matter how long it takes me to write them I write them out for every chapter we go over!
  5. by   2bNurseMustang
    My strategy has been using flashcards also....repetition is a must especially in nursing school....also with outlines of chapters....I read first underlining specific info with a pen.....then read again highlighting that same info....then reread again using different color highlighter....I know it sounds crazy BUT....I enforced this technique this semester (4th/last)....and I haven't flunked a test yet....other students started to implement this technique also with success......good luck atleast you could make a C and program is 80%or better....Geesh
  6. by   pookyp
    After you guys make flash cards, are you not reading the book anymore? Just using strictly flash cards? Or do you read the book for an hour or so, then do some flash cards....
  7. by   2bNurseMustang
    Book then flashcards... its always better to read chapter before intro lecture.......2nd go over chapter in class... 3rd reread info and notes collected after intro to chapter with instructor.... then make notecards
  8. by   dayanara
    It all depends on your learning style. I learn better by listening to lectures. Other people find flash cards helpful. Another great way is to do lots of practice questions on the topics that are going to be tested. Quizlet is a great tool. Good luck!
  9. by   Mewsin
    I honestly don't have time to reread my chapters all the time to study. One class can be up to 4 chapters, that's 2 -3 days of reading. I read my chapters before class, after class I come home and put all the information onto quizlet flashcards. I admit though I put on examples and such onto flash cards too but in this way I can go through 4 classes of information in 30 mins, once I've learned the flashcards. It works for me (92% on my nursing arts midterm)

    So here's my routine, do all my chapter reading on the weekend. During class I take notes, add them to my power points, our instructors make their power points available to us to print off. After class I take my notes and power points and any extra questions and make flashcards. Then I study the flashcards.

    I was using studyblue but I like quizlet better because I have to physically type in the answer and it makes me actually think about the answer.
  10. by   HeatherMax
    I have found chewing peppermint gum helps while studying and when taking the test. Helps trigger memories. Also listen, to the lecture. I have found that if my instructor says "highlight this" or "this is important" 99.9% of the time it will be on the quiz or test. Flash cards, youtube, I was shocked to see so many videos on dosage questions, mitosis, pretty much anything! I try to remember using odd things I can remember. "P"eter "M"ade "A" "T"inkel Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, Telophase ... stuff like that
  11. by   Lb321
    I'm not in nursing school yet. But when I took child psychology I read the chapters before class. I rewrote the chapter in my notebook before the test, which helped me drill it into my brain. Flash cards are great too.
  12. by   armychic
    I would talk into a voice recorder my notes or my chapter. Then I'd listen to it everyday going home. Sounds crazy but worked because it was repetitious. The sound of my own voice took a while to get used to but oh well.
  13. by   Coke_LPN2b
    what works for me is I listen to the lecture in class then I go home and write a study guide of notes from the text. Then omw to school i read the guide
  14. by   reebeckha4263
    quizlet has helped me tons as well!