NCLEX by way of experience/education

  1. I have a very difficult and specific situation I have never heard of anyone experiencing before. I have been a CNA for seven years now and had experience on the med/surg unit before going through LVN program up until the last med surg final. I did not receive a passing grade and therefor had to leave that program.

    I decided after this to try and challenge the LVN board by way of experience and education. The only problem is, I cannot get my director to send the proper paperwork. After nine months of waiting for the board to respond, they finally told me she didn't submit it correctly. I have reason to believe she doesn't like me and this is why she waited so long to send it. What should I do?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    If you want honestly, I'll give it to you. That license you might get by challenging the NCLEX in your state isn't going to endorse to most other states- because they require that for one to be licensed one must complete and pass a nursing program. If there is even a remote possibility that at some point you'd relocate to another state with plans to work as an LPN, you'd be best served by repeating the course/program. That way, you'd know you meet the requirements of having completed a program to endorse a license to another state.
  4. by   KM8987
    I'll have my RN beforehand I move to another state