NA/Tech after 6 weeks of PN clinicals?! - page 2

Is it true that you are qualified to work as a NA/tech after 6 weeks of PN clinicals? I met the new preacher's wife yesterday and she is a BSN at a nearby hospital. When I told her I was starting... Read More

  1. by   ER hippie
    I'm a CNA and a tech. At the hospital I work at the difference is this: CNA's are certified, obviously; techs are not required to be certified, but we are trained by the facility to do venipuncture, EKG, and some are trained in telemetry. The CNA's work primarily in our LTC center, while the techs work in M/S, ER, and mental health. Most of our techs are EMT's or were CNA's, and most are also nursing students. Interesting side note, because nurse aides must be certified, they start out at a higher rate of pay than the techs, even though the tech's, in my opinion, have greater responsibility, and do far more than just routine patient care. I personally am a CNA for the paycheck and a Tech for the experience. I LOVE working ER. If you really want to work on your assesment skills, ER is the place to be. Congratulations on your wedding!!! I'm jealous. I can't even find time to date. LOL
  2. by   ER hippie
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