Mono with 6 months to go!

  1. I started to get a sore throat around last Tuesday but figured it was allergies. By Friday it was to the point I could hardly keep my head up in class, so Saturday I went to Urgent Care thinking I had strep throat. Well, my strep and flu tests were both negative, but I tested positive for Mono. I can't say I was surprised since my boyfriend had a SEVERE case of mono in October (ended up in the hospital for 3 days) but I was hoping I had managed not to get it. I have now missed 2 days of school and one day of clinical, and am still unable to be cleared to return to school because of fever and extreme fatigue. I am waiting to hear back from my DON but I am pretty sure I won't be finishing this term, and will have to start back with the class under me. I know this is not the end of the world, I was suppose to graduate in July, now it will be Septmeber. I still get to the end goal of being a nurse, but I am just so bummed right now. Classes have been getting harder (I am in Mom/Baby right now) and I feel like I have put everything into this, and now I am having a big setback. I was getting so excited for my July graduation, and am really going to be sad to not graduate with the class I started with. The fact I feel horrible and haven't been out of bed since Saturday are prob not helping either. Just needed to vent a little bit. Thanks
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    all ican say is keep ya head up