LVN of three years,ask me anything

  1. Hi everyone,
    I decided to post here because I ALWAYS have questions for people who have been there-done that. So if anyone has any questions or wants any advice from someone who has been there, feel free to ask!

    About me:
    Just turned 26,Army wife and mom. Currently waiting to hear back from a BSN program. SWOC certified(Skin wound ostomy care). I have worked in detox,sub-acute and skilled nursing facility.
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  3. by   dbuy3
    Just curious what BSN program are you looking at? I'm about to finish school in a few months and that's my plan. There is a bridge program here in Oklahoma that goes from LPN to BSN with the requirement of one year working as an LPN to apply (along with prereqs of course). That is the one I'm planning on.
  4. by   WonderousIvy
    I'm going to WGU in Texas. I know a few universities in OK offer LVN-BSN I think? are yalls community colleges packed? You could always apply to LPN-ADN
  5. by   SariCruz20
    Hello! I'm in Central Tx and would like to know if you have any advice on what's the best route to go as far as schooling for LVN or just straight for RN? My goal is BSN of course just not at the moment due to $$. I don't know which school I should go with at all. I'm getting calls from tons but I guess I'm getting more nervous than anything. I don't want to spend tons of money on the wrong programs. Thanks for any help u can send me.
  6. by   WonderousIvy
    Since you live in Texas,you have an opportunity to go to WGUs Prelicensure Program. You will of course have to complete all of the prerequisites and take the TEAS test. Have you done those? Those steps are pretty much mandatory for all Nursing schools across the board.
    I do believe that if your end goal is to get a BSN then yes,you should bypass becoming a LVN. You will earn more as an RN and have way better opportunities available to you.
  7. by   Surfernurse1
    This may be a dumb question but can you work as a lvn In the burn ward. I ask this because I am in California.for rn school it's a three year wait so I thought about doing this to get me right in instead of waiting. I also want to know because that is the dept I want to be in.
  8. by   EbonyWaltonEl
    I know a Wound Care LVN at UCLA so, yes.
  9. by   queenwanna
    Hi !

    I am a mom of 2 (19 month old and 3 month old). I graduated with my BA in Human Services in 2016. I will be attending LPN School in Jan. Any advice/tips you can give me on time management with my kids and husband. ANDDD studying!
  10. by   WonderousIvy
    I wish I could give you tips for time management and a good family/School life balance...but I'm honestly figuring it out right now. I have a 7month old,we're prepping for a move out of state and a deployment and I'm in school now. I only work on call so that's not much of a stresser right now I'm just studying at night and when the baby naps. I put study material around the house so I can study here and there during the day. Get creative! Why did you decide to do a LVN program vs a ABSN or BSN??

    SurferNurse1, here in NorCal..I haven't seen/heard of any LVNs getting jobs in a burn unit. You may be able to get s position at a clinic where they hire MAs and LVNs, then transfer to the burn unit after you gain experience and higher education.
  11. by   queenwanna

    WonderousIvy ,

    I was accepted into a ABSN Program but it was very expensive and I did not see myself taking out a loan that big. I was looking into a BSN Program but time is a big factor. I had my kids back to back and I am very thankful my husband did not require me to work during my pregnancy or after. I just would like to get on my feet as soon as possible. I do not plan to stop at LPN I will be bridging to RN while working.