LPN to RN online programs difficulties

  1. Hi there everybody. I have spoken to a rep for College Network to get my RN online. It all sounded great till I heard some news from other people who have taken online courses.
    Because the exams and clinicals are through Exelcior, I have heard that the online courses are not bad but the clinical portion in which you have to pass is brutal. I have heard from those that have had experience under their belt, they still end up failing the clinical portion of it. I don't want to spend money if the farthest I can get is failing the clinical portion and having to spend more money on the trip and lodging.
    Anybody out there that can give me some advice. I have also heard that the wait list for clinical exam is sooooo looongg.
    Last but not least, I have heard that you don't actually get license in your home state but New York. Is this making any sense.
    Would love to hear back from anybody
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  3. by   kermitlady
    Check out the distance learning forum under the "student" tab. You'll find tons of info there.

    And just so you know, TCN is NOT Excelsior! If you're going this path, my advice would be to skip TCN and go straight through Excelsior. HTH
  4. by   evanadoc
    I was told that TCN provides their study modules and the clinical part of it is through Excelsior
    Conflicting information
  5. by   evanadoc
    I was told that TCN provides their study modules and the clinical part of it is through Excelsior
    Conflicting information
  6. by   kermitlady
    [color=#b40338]how is the college network affiliated with the colleges and universities that make up the partners in education?

    we are separate entities. the college network offers comprehensive learning modules to help adult learners complete their general education and elective courses (up to 91 credit hours) using end-of-course college equivalency exams such as clep, dsst, and excelsior college examination, or the regis university exam. they can then transfer those college equivalency exam scores into one of our partnership universities to gain college credit.

    excelsior college* clinicals test your nursing skills; they do not teach you nursing skills. toward the end of your academic studies, you will enroll into excelsior college* and receive your clinical information. this information will tell you exactly what to expect in the clinicals and help you prepare. remember, we’re your educational partner, and we can provide additional support information anytime you need it.

    click here: http://www.college-net.com/faq.asp?faq=prepare for the above quote and click on the highlited excelsior college w/the * beside it and you get the following words:

    *the college network, inc. has no affiliation, formally or informally, with excelsior college.

    all of the above is straight off the tcn's faq page.

    here's a direct link to excelsior: https://www.excelsior.edu/

    from what i understand, you can do everything tcn offers through excelsior and cut out the middle man so to speak. i strongly suggest you go to the distance learning forum and do a search for posts r/t excelsior college.

    *i am in now way affiliated w/excelsior college. i'm just trying to help others avoid the trap i've fallen into w/tcn.
  7. by   JulesRN10
    after tons of research and asking every person i work with daily so many questions i think they will scream at the next one, i finally made the decision to go the excelsior route without the "help" of tcn. yes, it is going to be difficult, i will be expected to teach myself every step of the way. but, i would do much of that if i was in a traditional classroom setting as well. as far as the wait for the cpne (clinical weekend), i will spend my time finishing up any loose ends and studying...going to conferences and learning everything i can to make my weekend productive and pass when the time comes. also, when i broke down the cost of excelsior compared to my local community college, it will cost me a bit more, but i won't have to drop my hours at work, lose my insurance, and put in 7 day weeks for the next year...i will be able to study at my own pace, take the tests when it is convenient for me and every day i go to work is one more day that i can put into practice the skills that i know will be checked off on my clinical weekend (within my scope as an lpn, anyway). i also will not have to put up with the demeaning way that some educators tend to treat their students, which i see many days working in a teaching facility. it is a very personal decision which route to choose, but if you are motivated and want the convenience, i think it is worth every painful moment! i do agree though, that tcn is not really necessary--you can always buy their study guides on ebay with no long term contracts--way cheaper! either way, good luck!!
  8. by   caliotter3
    There is sufficient info on this site from other students to provide input in the decision to go with TCN or any other publishing company when starting the Excelsior College nursing program. One can also read the warning on the EC website concerning publishing companies. www.excelsior.edu