LPN Reading Suggestion List

  1. This is a list I complied of references I feel were of great value in nursing school. They were discovered by trial and error. Of course, this is only my opinion…you all may find resources that suit your needs better, and bottom line is that no matter what, great effort must be made to pass nursing school. What I found was that I needed things broken down as simple as possible, not intimidating to read and not too comprehend. Outside of the Nurse Practitioner Reference, I suggest that anyone interested should try to either borrow from the library or order used to cut the incurring costs of nursing school. I provided the hyperlinks from Amazon, only because this is where I purchased them (most in used condition for dirt cheap)...you can certainly obtain them from elsewhere. So, please browse and see if anything is of interest. As I think of more, I will certainly add on. Good luck, future nurses!

    Nurse Practitioner Prescribing Reference (paperback, compact digest that includes all current drugs being prescribed; is delivered quarterly): Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference | Nurse Practitioners' Prescribing Reference Magazine

    Delmar’s Comprehensive NCLEX-PN Review (has great pharmacology chapter-nice summaries for medications, with hints for common prefixes and suffixes in related drug catagories): Amazon.com: NCLEX-PN Review (Delmars Nclex-Pn Review) (9781428310940): Judith C. Miller: Books

    Medical Dosage Calculations: Amazon.com: Medical Dosage Calculations (9th Edition) (9780132384704): June L. Olsen, Anthony P. Giangrasso, Dolores Shrimpton, Patricia Dillon: Books

    The Human Body in Health and Illness (To me this is EXCELLENT): Amazon.com: The Human Body in Health and Illness (9781416028864): Barbara L.

    Mosby’s Pharmacology Notecards (this is a wonderful way to learn drugs…the cartoons are comical, but stay in your memory!): Amazon.com: Mosby

    Basic Pharmacology for Nurses (if you can get a used one for dirt cheap, it may be helpful): Amazon.com: pharmacology by bruce clayton: Books

    Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology (part of the LPN Thread Series…written specifically for LPNs): Amazon.com: Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology (9780323056205): Marilyn Winterton Edmunds PhD ANP/GNP: Books

    Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Occupations (great for summary): Amazon.com: Essentials of Pharmacology for Health Occupations (9780827370227):

    Mosby’s Medical Dictionary (Used by nursing and other health occupations- VERY graphic pics): Amazon.com: Mosbys Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Professions) (9780323049375): Mosby: Books

    Basic Nutrition and Diet Therapy (another part of the LPN thread series that is excellent):
    Amazon.com: Williams Diet Therapy (9780323026024): Staci Nix: Books

    Memory Notebook for Nursing (great for fun ways to remember the disease processes, etc...): Amazon.com: Memory Notebook of Nursing: A Collection of Visual Images and Mnemonics to Increase Memory and Learning (9781892155122): Joann Graham Zerwekh, Jo Carol Claborn, C. J. Miller: Books

    Test Success (strategies for taking nursing tests): Amazon.com: Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students 4th Edition (9780803611627): Patricia M. Addendum: Suggestion to supplement this is to obtain as many CD ROMS with test questions as possible, to encounter many different styled questions...ie from Saunders, Lippicott, Incredibly Easy, Mosby, etc... and start practicing test questions.

    Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual (excellent to me because it also included medical diagnosis, which, then, provides suggested nursing diagnosis): Amazon.com: Nursing Diagnosis Reference Manual (9781582550725): Sheila M. Sparks, Cynthia M. Taylor: Books
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