LPN programs in Maryland - page 2

hi there, my name is jessica and i am looking for lpn programs in maryland. i was on the board of nursing website and they list all the colleges that offer the program, but in order to get... Read More

  1. by   queenhawa
    I would like to get more information about the LPN program that does not requre pre reqs in MD or VA. Thanks in advance.
  2. by   NDee
    Although this school is not in maryland, but if you want to avoid pre-requisite courses try VMT Education Center. I live in Maryland and drove there diligently. I graduated in 2010.
  3. by   NDee
    The school is in Washington, DC! Forgot to put that in..have a great day.
  4. by   xhrtlr
    I would love to get the LPN program that you guys talked about in D.C.
    I am so desperate!!!
    Please help me!!
  5. by   smiley71
    Can I please have the name of that nursing school with no pre-req in dc?Thank you
  6. by   nagai72
    UDC's LPN program does not require pre-reqs I started there today in the evening class 15 months long.
  7. by   smiley71
    Thank you for responding, So are there any other any other requirements? And what are your hours? Do they have a high percentage rate far as graduation goes? Thank you for your help