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  1. Hey, I recently got accepted into the program, I am starting on February 20,2018, evening schedule. Any tips on what should I expect? What classes are the first module? I am traveling from NY public transportation how is the commute ? What should I buy on my own ?
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  3. by   NrsCheer18
    Have you started? How's the program?
  4. by   Eunice727
    No I have not I start in Feb 2018,
  5. by   Godisgood77
    I dropped out of the program with good grades thanks god. But, I wasn't funny or a kiss ass so they wanted me out of the program. I took my grades elsewhere. Things you need to know: You'll get a horrible fundamentals professor( a female, she's a horrific person), the a and p teacher(also a female) isn't so bad. You will have to teach yourself nursing and the material. Those two together, don't teach you a thing. They walk in, sit down and demand you teach them the material. Be ready to make oral presentations all the time. Be prepared to read the entire tex book from cover to cover and learn the skills also on your own. They gossip like crazy so don't you dare say anything about how unfair they're being. You also have to suck ass otherwise they'll hate you and plan to eliminate you from the program. Don't sit in the back, and laugh at there jokes often. Keep in mind that the fundamentals exams are random and on things you didn't even learn in class. Oh and at the end you'll get an exam so random and difficult that 90% of your class will be gone.on one occasion only 4 people moved on to quater 2 and 1 to quater 3. I'm not making this up, but you'll see when you get there.
    what classes for the first module: fundamentals, a &p, professional awareness and the banks which are every week and count towards your professional awareness.

    the communte is long and will be a problem when clinicals hit. But you can take a taxi for clinical or get a ride from someone else.

    They provide mostly everything for you, that I will give credit for. Get yourself a notebook for each class, though you won't use it cause you and your classmates will be teaching the class. Not the professors.
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    @GodisGood77 Your comments about this school are very confusing. They are all recent and in some you're asking about the school and in an other you say that you went there and dropped out. Not really sure what is the truth or how accurate your "experience" was there. There's also another thread where you commented about Lincoln Tech and how horrible they were and that you withdrew from there. So you withdrew from both Lincoln Tech and Jersey College?
    I will say this to anyone thinking of applying to nursing school, don't expect anyone to hold your hand. Be ready to work hard. You're thinking of becoming a nurse so you need to get used to working both independently and in a group. Drama happens anywhere there is more than 1 woman. We're mostly all type A personalities and trying to be dominant. Focus on the subject and your patients. You're not there to make friends; you're there to learn and pass the boards to become a nurse. Don't lose sight of the goal.
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    Is a warning, one I wish I would've gotten. I haven't attened Jersey, I am thinking of attending Concordia. I don't know why that's relevant to my experience.
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    I start on Tuesday and if it is that bad, I will do what ever to pass even if I have to kiss ass and self teach my self the material. I been YouTubing and seen there is a breakdown to everything in nursing and picomatic I think it's called is super great website, my friend used it when she was in nursing school. I will stick to the goal and focus on the goal to become a nurse. Thanks on the heads up.