I am not sure if I should do the LPN route first

  1. Hello:

    I was accepted to a nursing school but I am not sure if I should do the LPN route first. I don't think I can afford to be out of work for two years plus all the student loans. I'm an older student ( 30's) and being out of the workforce for 2 years. It scares me. I am thinking of attending an LPN program, getting a job and have my employer at least help paying for my ADN...

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    In 2004 I took a risky plunge by quitting my decently-paying factory job of three years to enroll in a 12-month full time LVN program.

    I did not work during those 12 months and lived off my meager savings. The risk paid off, because I earned my LVN license in early 2006 and graduated from an RN completion program two years ago.
  4. by   LilacHeart
    Of course, not everyone has savings (meager or otherwise) to live off of while attending full time school.

    I was accepted to begin nursing school (was to start today *sob*). Hubby and I had the money figured out so I could go through the accelerated program and be done in 11 months. It was going to be a tight squeeze, but we could do it. Times have been tough and all our savings, retirement are gone, but nursing was going to both fulfill a personal dream of mine and help me to get a higher paying job in the future, thereby easing our finances in years to come.

    Then hubby had to go into the ER.... Suspected aneurysm or bleed.

    Many tests later, with nothing found, he was released (thank God he's okay!), symptoms have abated and he's back to work. Our health insurance is a bare bones plan that we have to pay for 100% on our own. We now owe thousands and I mean Thousands with a capital "T".

    I had to cancel my enrollment this semester so that I can work to try to pay off all those medical bills. My heart is broken regarding nursing school, and I don't know how quickly we'll be able to bounce back financially for me to re-enroll. The school was so nice and everyone was so kind and concerned about my hubby. Of course, having him is the MOST important thing in the world to me and giving up a dream is better than losing him or having him disabled any day.

    I say all this to the OP because I understand your trepidation. If this had happened further down the road I would have had to drop out of school and I would have owed a big student loan with nothing to show for it.

    You say that you "can't afford" to be out of work for 2 years. Have you budgeted it out, or are you just estimating? My advice would be to work out a 2 year budget plan. If you have a little nest egg, make sure you have budgeted for the unexpected emergency that may come about (could be in the form of car repair, unexpected health costs, etc.). I didn't have room in my budget for the unexpected, therefore I literally could not afford to start my program today.

    If you can work it out, then I'd say to go for it. If you look at your budget and see that the LPN route is what you can actually afford, I would say that getting your LPN first, then gaining employment as an LPN and then working toward your RN is a perfectly wonderful way to go. The experience you gain as an LPN will only serve to make you a better RN.

    Whichever way you go, LPN first or straight to RN, I wish you the best of luck. Figure out the numbers realistically, then go for your dream and don't look back. Either choice, you'll be a NURSE before you know it! Congratulations!
  5. by   Red35
    I'm really sorry about your husband I'm going to look into the LPN program as well and decide-both programs start in October so I have time...

    We have budgeted it out and can live off of one income.

    Thanks for the advice.
  6. by   LilacHeart
    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    I'm glad that you have the option to go either LPN or RN first and that your budget is sufficient to handle what may come.

    Since the money end is handled, follow your heart. Congratulations on being accepted in two programs!
  7. by   DanaHolly
    Sorry to hear about your dear husband.

    I took my LPN in Vancouver and am actively pursuing my degree in nursing while working full-time (making money and gaining skills)

    It has to suit YOUR life. Best of luck - I know firsthand how difficult a choice it is to mak.
  8. by   Sweeshynurse
    From personal experience, I would go the RN route and pass up the LPN. I have been an LPN for 6 years and it is just as difficult to get into a bridge program than it is to go straight into the RN program. Plus, you have SO much more opportunities available to you as an RN. Good Luck with what ever you decide to do!!