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I am so nervous I start on March 5th , and I am being exempt from certain classes like Anatomy and physiology and Human development, plus Nutrition, so that leaves me with Fundamentals to nursing... Read More

  1. by   lavender rose
    Hello again! I saw another of your postings. What I found difficult for each semester. The first semester of course pharmacology. You think how am I gonna learn all of these meds that is presented to me. You don't! No one can possibly learn every med. You get to know the ones being used. Like for your pain meds- tylenol, aspirin. Narcotic meds-vicodin, darvacet.Get my drift! Second semester for me was Maternity. Then third was Cardiac. There is just so much to learn about that. But altogether I believe was Cardiac.
  2. by   trsa34
    Thank you LavenderRose, I took my exam yesterday and made a low B. I'm grateful for that, but like I said before I studied hard for this test I thought that my score would have been higher. I guess I need to back off of studying so much. I'm the type of person that don't always get it the first time so I read and read until I think it makes sense. I'm still very motivated though, I just need to learn my study style or something. We have both a Pharmocology exam and a Fundamentals exam on Monday and on Wednesday we'll take two more exams. Some weeks we'll have five exams in one week. I was expecting it to be tough though, so I'm not surprised by it. I just need to learn how to prioritize. My goal was to make an A but now I'll be happy if I keep my B and not go lower. The instructors tell us we need to "burn stuff" into our long term memory, but I find that kind of hard to do.
    Anyways, thanks so much for your advice. If you can think of anything else please throw them my way.:spin:
  3. by   cjm65
    I will be done with LPN school in June. The first semester is the weirdest (or it was for me, I was out of High School in '82) because of so many years past since I was in school. Even for the smartest people in my class it is not a picnic. Keep studying, keep does tend to get easier than it was in the beginning in some ways, each individual is different. One person may be good in one subject, but not so great in another...I just say Thank God every time a final comes around and I pass...I got a B in one final, and was thankful I did, I told myself, hey, a B is good...could be worse
  4. by   lavender rose
    Good Job TRSA 34! That's a great start. But yeah studying too much does not one no one no good. 2 hrs at a time on a subject to study said one of my teachers is efficient. Really anymore you will just be craming. If you study in the day, then just look it over before you go to bed before a test. Studies have shown that before bed time you tend to retain more. That doesn't work for everyone. Try that. Then possibly have you and a buddy come to class early on test days and quiz each other or on a break in between classes. Read things out loud to yourself. That sometimes works for me. But unfortunately we have more than one test on the same day. Don't forget to take those breaks in between to rest your mind. Remember study your hardest subject first and put aside the stuff you already know in the content of that subject. If there's something that just can not stick with you. Make up a word . For example with Pharmacology. Ten Little Indians-Tenormin, Lorpressor,Inderal. Those are all Cardiac medications. Like your representative drugs for the Beta adrenergic blockers end in 'ol. The antifungal most of them end in ole. There are some that don't and just try to keep those in mind. Like nystatin that is a antifungal drug. Your Benzodiazipines most of them end in 'am. Look at the ones that don't. Hope this gets you to a start. There are some classes of drugs that you can work like that. That will help you on the boards too. Talk to you later...
  5. by   Ltorres5351
    That is great the way you study, I always look for little hints so when I see it the day of the exam I can remeber!

  6. by   lavender rose
    Hello Ltorres5351, . My first day of class was filling out all the bubble sheets. That's a drag cause it is tiring. You get your first semester books, the teachers and you introduce themselves. You get introductory of the class. I did not find out my date of graduation until the 3rd semester. That was my school. I do not know how it is elsewhere. The director said anything could happen to bring classes behind. Of course they tell you what is expected of you and them(teachers). Oh and they want to know if you are up to date on all of your required stuff that is needed for the program if have not turned it in already. That's pretty much alot. As for uniforms, I read one had to wear 2 uniforms. I am in California and only had 1 and that was for clinical. So it could be different elsewhere. You just have to check with your NSG directors
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  7. by   bkthicklady
    Hello Everyone, I started My LPN program Janaurary 23rd :spin: at Hohokus Ramsey. I am still very nervous of failing, I have committed myself to studying at least three hours per night. I am truly blessed, the teachers at HOhokus are excellent. What worries me mostly is failing the exams, from what I heard the questions are worded in scenerio form and most of the time tricky to understand the correct answer. Some tips I was given Is to keep it simple when answering questions most of the time its the easy solution that makes a difference and also begin thinking as a nurse which will help prepare your mind to think critically on test. I dont know how true that is however, in my studying I dont stress to much on memorization but I try to understand the concept of what Im learning.
  8. by   lavender rose
    Best wishes to you in NSG program. Stop being nervous is hard but that could bring you unecessary problems. When reading a question, do not read to much into it like what if its saying. All the information is there for you to figure out the answer. Just say to yourself as the Lvn nurse would I do this (is it in your scope to do). Is this something the Dr needs to do. Do I report this or does this need an intervention I could work with the Rn about. Is this life or death. Review Maslows, they will be teaching you the ABC's, you will be learning the Nursing process alot more. Just remember the tests are not on things that you have not learned yet or things that are not too advanced for you yet. You are in Fundamentals, yes! Most you will be reviewing of what you should know if you have been a CNA. Then you will be practicing the hands on skillsthat an LVN nurse does( such as how to insert a catheter for a female and a male, how to give shots, um how to apply bandages) in class will help you to think of the answer on the test as well. Just try to imagine yourself doing that particular task. Such as sterile gloves-You would wear them when you are working on the inside of a human body, not the outside cause the outside is dirty. When I say working on the inside such as a wound and cleaning the inside where the tissues are. If you get that dirty it can become infected. So you have to wear sterile gloves. You have to sometimes imagine you yourself in that question. Don't try to study too much you wouldnt want to forget it. When you find yourself not retaining no more it is time to stop studying and take a break and you have studied enough for now. You got to have time to absorb it. Look at your material just before you go to bed also. Talk 2 u later...
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  9. by   jimthorp
    This is a little late but expect to be overwhelmed.
  10. by   Ltorres5351
    Thanks lavenderrose, I needed that. I have been so down not because of the classes, but tuition, I have been accepted to a lpn school for $24,000.00, but now I have to take another test TEAS to another school which is cheaper just confused school will be $4,000.00.
  11. by   lavender rose
    Quote from Ltorres5351
    Thanks lavenderrose, I needed that. I have been so down not because of the classes, but tuition, I have been accepted to a lpn school for $24,000.00, but now I have to take another test TEAS to another school which is cheaper just confused school will be $4,000.00.
    Glad I could be of help. 24,000 wow that's a whole lot. 4,000 is better. Mine was 1200.00 every 6 months plus books each semester. It wasnt easy coming up with the money. I was not qualified for any grants. But now that I hope I can get sponsored for RN school when I do get in. But first things first to take the boards to get my LVN license. So I guess school will be starting soon for you.
  12. by   Ltorres5351
    Are you in the miami area?:smiletea:
  13. by   Loren2307
    I am finally done with my LPN program and working on my 120 hours and soon to take my boards. I can't wait to move on to the next level and start the RN program. My first semester was great and on my first day of clinical I about died. But I will never forget a second of it. I started with a 4.0 going into the program and I will be graduating with a 3.77. I was a long hard road and PRAISE GOD it is almost over. Goodluck to you!!! You will do great!!