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Just curious about the different pricing in the country. I attend a 12-month LVN program: Fall 2008: 2,150 tuition/fees + $700 books + $100 misc. Spring 2009: $2,275 tuition/fees + $100 books +... Read More

  1. by   Saphyre_Flyme
    It's a private school In Louisiana and its gonna be a little over 13,000 which I hope is gonna be supported by WIA
  2. by   nursesunshyne
    I was super lucky! I attended a program in so cali...i only paid for tuition only $1800!! I paid about 250 for books, about 50 for uniforms, and of course all the stuff you pay for the boards (backround checks, livescan, application fee and the test itself) that was probably another 350-400. So all in all i paid almost 3000. Still very cheap. I am so thankful because i was planning to go to a 25,000 school who i know now has horrible pass rates. My school averages 95-100% pass rate.:d
  3. by   Ericad85
    I am attending a voc tech lpn school out of district 9 grand! Luckily I work at a hospital any one who works at a healthcare facility or hospital def check to see if they will help u!!! out luckily I will get 4 grand back from where I work good luck everyone!
  4. by   AngelaCTC
    My total tuition for a 12 month LPN program @ a technical college in Georgia is about $5,000.
    Books: about $500

    Georgia has the HOPE scholarship so I don't have to pay very much (maybe $300 tuition wise).
  5. by   sunray12
    Quote from stasis_DC5
    wth? are you serious!? man...i paid $18,000 for a 12-month lvn program, and my school is a joke! i bet you probably had a better education than me with lower tuition. geez. i should've done my research. EVERYONE! take my advice. research the schools that you want to attend. ask for their graduation rates and nclex passing rates. find out for yourself if you're going to get a good quality education 'cause you're paying for it.
    The programs I'm looking at are 11k and 18k. I like 11k better and the program is shorter - 12 months vs 15 months.

    I have researched most programs in my state both lpn and rn. Simply go to your state bon website and go down the list of approved schools. The bon has the info about nclex pass rates, etc., and as for the tuition and program length - you can get from the school website or by calling admissions. I'm not looking to overpay for school, but around here it's often easier to go private because state funded lpn programs are few (some are only being offered every other year now) and as for RN programs well class sizes are small and this leads to a waitlist or if there's no waitlist then you just have to reapply. I'd rather pay the 11K and be working as a nurse in a year than still waiting for a seat in a state funded lpn or rn program. I'll leave those for people who can afford to wait.
  6. by   dimeness
    My tuition was $29,500 here in North Cali. So expensive. It's still going up. Last time I checked was $31,000.
  7. by   29Salsas
    nursesunshyne, what school did you attend? i am currently researching :typing lvn/lpn programs, but i need to keep the cost low.
  8. by   29Salsas
    Quote from enigmaticorange
    each semester my tuition has hovered around a thousand dollars. books were about a thousand dollars, but the set will last the entire lpn route, which is the fall, spring, then summer semesters. the transition courses to rn also are around a thousand per semester, but that program is only 2 semesters. i am on the east coast and attend a cc. the local medical center here also offers a 10,000 grant for the lpn/rn program if you agree to work there 2 years once you graduate. it is one of the best programs in my state, including universities.
    laydiebuug, what school did you attend?
  9. by   29Salsas
    Quote from jules a
    mine was around $5,000 at a cc.
    amjowens, where did you attend?
  10. by   29Salsas
    Quote from futurelpngirl
    My program is roughly $4,100
    what school are you attending? just doing some research!