help for a BKA stump shrinker

  1. My patient in clinical this week has a 1 month S/P BKA. She still has steri strips in place and is having minimal amounts of reddish brown drainage on her stump shrinker. She only has the one stump shrinker. I find this to be an infection risk. I asked the primary nurse and my clinical instructor and was not given any clear answers as to why or what to do. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an intervention that could last for a few hours so that I could wash this myself and let it air dry in the sun (I will bring in my own spray bleach, rinse well in the shower room and sunlight helps kill bacteria right?). Is there anything that I could use in the mean time for her in the place of this? I checked the local CVS and Walgreens but they don't carry these and I really feel bad that her doctor only gave her one. I will ask physical therapy tomorrow and the charge nurse and hopefully if I keep asking they will see to her getting at least one more.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Call the hospital Central Supply where the patient had her surgery and ask them where they get them or if they would be willing to sell you another one.