Hacienda La Puente LVN Program- July 2013

  1. Hello,

    I wanted to start a thread for those who have been accepted or are in the process of acceptance for the July 2013 start date. I was accepted last December and wasn't able to start in January. I am now ready and will be starting this coming Summer. I wanted to meet fellow classmates and get to know one another before we start the program.
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  3. by   sr20alex

    I just received the email this morning saying that i've been accepted to the june class. When I received the email I was in shock. I didn't know if I was happy or not, but after a few minutes i was joyful!

    The a&p test was disappointing. I've wasted majority of my time studying EVERYTHING.
  4. by   <3mygirls
    Yes the A&P test was easy. I felt that I over studied for it as well. However, it is better to be safe then sorry. Congrats on getting into the program! We have just a little over a month :/ I registered on Tuesday. Going to get my background check done soon and start looking into the books that we need. I will post what prices I find them @ to see if maybe you are able to find better deals elsewhere.
  5. by   sr20alex
    Sounds good, yeah I paid on Tuesday morning as well.

    Fafsa adviser was a pain. Lagged all the application last minute, so I had to show up and personally ask if I qualified or not.

    I would of thought there were going to be more people waiting in line at 8am on Tuesday, but only 8 people showed up.
  6. by   valjvi

    Congrats on the acceptance to the HLP LVN program. I will be taking my pre LVN class for HLP in October/November. Any tips you can give me on what I can expect or on what to prepare for will be greatly appreciated. I very EXCITED!!!! How many students did they accept into the program?