1. I have this problem, some people keep telling me that the LPN program is a waste of my time, and that I should go straight for the RN program. I see where they are coming from logically, but I really don't want to retake some RN pre-reqs over again (to get higher grades), and on top of that I haven't taken the TEAS, so I have no idea where I would stand (I did order a study guide (nursing entrance exam) and have the TEAS scheduled for next month.) However, I practically have a guaranteed spot in the LPN program in the Fall of 2012. Also, I know LPNs make good money where I live, they start off around 16.50 then after orientation shoot up to $18-20 an hour. Now I will say that I am not around these people very often, but the thought keeps playing over and over in my head. Anyone else with this conudrum on their hands?
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  3. by   h_kitty
    I was in the same position...I'm 20 years old and went to cc for about a year doing pre reqs, and worked as a CNA for about a year and a half while going to school. It just seemed like everything was taking forever especially only to sign up for a 2 year wait list. I didn't feel like I was getting anything done and having to retake classes to get higher grades for my gpa just didn't work out. I was tired of being a CNA, tired of being caught in that rotation where people always say they're taking pre reqs for nursing , but never get it done and I finally just thought about getting my lvn. I wanted to start my career. So I asked around at the nursing facility that I work at to see if the Lvns regretted their decision in not going straight towards their RN & you know what , it's really just an opinion. Some were like me, they wanted to just get their foot in the door. Some said go towards your RN because LVN is a waste..Others said they were happy with their decision because they can work as an lvn while going to nursing school and still make good money until they finish. For awhile I got discouraged by the ones who said it would be a waste of my time so I was like you know what I'll just go towards my RN and forget about being an LVN first..Yet I kept thinking about it and I just wanted to get things done, and not have to wait another year to finish pre reqs, another 2 years on the waiting list and another 2 years to become an RN. If becoming an LVN is really what you want to do, then go for it! After all the advice I got , I decided LVN then RN was the route I wanted to take because I was tired of waiting. I start LVN school next month . I mean there's pros and cons for both routes.

    RN route: Pro: You become registered and make more money.
    Con: You have to take so many pre reqs, take them over if you don't have good grades, go into waiting lists and wait for your spot to be called and another 2 years to finish.

    LVN route: Pro: You get your foot in the door. Still make good money, and gain experience that others usually don't have in the RN program. You can apply to an LVN to RN bridge program later that gives you advanced placement.
    Con: You're below an RN. ( if your goal is to be an RN)

    You know what I mean. Everyone is different. Everyone has their own opinions. I say go for it!
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    thanks h_kitty, you seem to understand exactly what I am going through.