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So very excited, got my acceptance letter in the mail yesterday to Eastern Suffolk Boces. ;) anyone else out there from same school get a letter?... Read More

  1. by   thekidlpn
    Quote from monters
    great, so am I..see you at orientation
    Cool see you then
  2. by   rae16
    I'll be doing the full time day program.. Anybody else?
  3. by   thekidlpn
    Quote from nikki0727
    first off i would like to say congrats to everyone who recieved there acceptance letters.
    i need some advise
    i passed the entrance exam. i just finished the financial aide and was awarded some of my tuition. but i have no had a interview. i'm a little nervous and i dont want to seem to anxious because i have been calling non stop until just recently. any advise?
    honestly give it a little time depending on the school they may have a lot of applicants which is going to delay the process on setting up interviews
  4. by   upstatenygirl
    Quote from monters
    lots of luck tommorrow! no science. just reading comprehension and math.

    are you trying for the part time program?
    congrats! no science or math? most of my exam was science (a &p, physics, chemistry ) with some math and a little section on spelling and sentence structure . it was very hard and this is only an lpn program.

    did you have an interview? what was that like? i have mine this friday !