Got accepted into Pensacola State College LPN to RN Career Mobility Program 2017

  1. I just got accepted into Pensacola State College LPN to RN mobility program. I read some verrryyy bad reviews about their nursing department... My LPN school I attended was also very bad, we pretty much taught ourselfs. We only graduated with half of our class. We had to drive an hour for clinicals, just to be told to turn around and come to the school instead. So I'm hoping I can work around the bad reviews. Also in my LPN program after our tests I would go back and highlight in the books all the wuestions and awnsers that were on the test (in a different color). Does anyone have any books like that that they would sell to me?? And Also anyone selling any of PSC's nursing uniforms? I'm the smallest size they offer probably a XXS petite. Thanks!
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  3. by   CNAmom2
    How are you liking their program?
  4. by   BeachNursex512
    Its unorganized and we teach ourselves, atleast this semester. But its not as awful as I thought.
  5. by   CNAmom2
    I'm thinking of applying for their lpn program and just curious on how the nursing program is overall there. Thanks.