getting fired because Im going to school.That sux!!

  1. Hi today I found out that I might be getting fired because I am going to school January.I am really closed to my boss and have been working for her for 2 1/2 years.She said that the management wanted to fire me because I wont be able to work there during busy hours because I am at school.It really pisses me off because I am getting paid very well at that job about 13.50 per hr during data entry.

    I am the Data Entry Lead Person also and my boss and I are closed friends now.That sux especially after what I do overthere.

    I typed the most,I typed doubled the other ppl are doing.Well that's it it pisses me off now I am going to to look for a job before I get fired....It's a good thing she let me know before that I might be fired.Because of it.
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  3. by   midwife2b
    Maybe you can offer to be flexible? Work hours that are not the favorite hours? SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!
    I got "released" from a position when I was 18 and just starting nursing school. Several years later I cared for my employer... who promised he'd NEVER do something like that again!
  4. by   mynameizjim
    Yes, the hours are flexible my school will be 8 am - 3 pm monday - friday.
    then start clinicals after 2 months I believe.

    We only work in the morning at night they don't need ppl becuz there is nothing to do.I am really pissed because I believe im a very good asset to that company. The owner and another management wanted to fire me becuz they said If i go to school I wont be there.It's not my boss fault.She is the best.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    I had been planning to attend LVN school three months before I quit my job. I didn't let anyone at my job know I was planning to attend school because they would have tried to 'get rid of me' sooner.

    I had been working for the company three years and was being paid $15.21 per hour ($22.80 for the last 4 hours of each 12-hour workday). Overall, it added up to over $40,000 per year, which was pretty decent money for an entry level job that required no education. I was afraid to quit; however, I think I made a good decision.