1. Anyone use ECPI to get there LPN? I'm looking into the Charlotte campus to get my LPN. Then I plan to work part time or whatever and do an on-line LPN to RN program. Having kids I feel like this is my best option. ECPI has a schedule I can work with my family, unlike the other programs in my area. Anyone ever take this route? Any ECPI students here? Thanks!
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  3. by   futureNurseTez
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  4. by   queenwanna
    Hi ,

    I will be starting in January ! When will you start? I have kids as well and feel this is my best route.
  5. by   WantToBeMidwife
    I actually decided to start at Chamberlain and do my BSN, I start next week!
  6. by   futureNurseTez
    I'm going to Durham Tech. I got accepted into ecpi to start in January but declined too expensive
  7. by   queenwanna
    How is the application process?
    How was the HESI ?
  8. by   futureNurseTez
    The test is really easy just brush up on math a little if you haven't used it in a while. Application process is easy it's a 100$ then you'll do interview with DON few days later get a phone call you're accepted. Pay for drug test 45$. And they'll work out a payment plan with the school I've heard some say 100$ but they told me 85$. But I know four ppl that graduated said they think this was the best decision they ever made and one friend say she wish she would've went the traditional way.